Lots of Driving – but not from Stop Light to Stop Light.

Small town living means lots of driving. While the city dweller may drive alot too, my driving is not from stop light to stop light, but is through the beautiful countryside.

If you live in a small town, you might have to go to the next bigger town for High School or shopping or banking like we do. If you pastor in a small town, you probably drive to visit farmers and acreage folks. The ministerial I am part of usually meets in the next town.

And in all that driving I get to enjoy God’s creation. Today I saw a Snowy Owl! It was beautiful. It was perched on a power pole alongside the highway, just enjoying it’s view. Sometimes in my daily driving I see coyotes. I’ve seen deer quite often. I’ve even seen a moose a few times. You don’t get that in your average day of driving in the city, do you?

We aren’t too far from the mountains. I can enjoy the view of the mountains without the city blocking the view. I can see amazing sunsets and sunrises.

It all makes the driving even more enjoyable!


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