Taking A Break is Not a Sign of Weakness

Being a pastor is a full time job. Sometimes it is more than a full time job. And we need to know when we need to slow down and take time for a break and to re-energize.

It’s very important to take a day off. You need one day each week at least. And you should try to be consistent about that day. Make it a day that’s away from all the activities of the church. I don’t even answer the phone on Mondays, my day off, unless absolute necessary. The answering machine can screen the calls. Take time to slow down. Read a book -that has nothing to do with work. Watch a movie. Take your wife on a date.

Sometimes it doesn’t work though. This next Monday I have to do a funeral. It’s Valentines day and I’m doing a funeral. I think my wife and I will be able to fit in an early Valentines lunch, but then it’s off to work. That happens, but then look for a way to make up that time somewhere else.

I’ve had just about every night busy along with two full Saturdays this last while. I’m hoping to find a bit of time somewhere but its hard. It’s okay if you don’t go into the office every day. Sometimes you need to take the time to care for yourself because no one else will.

So my encouragement is to respect your own needs for a little time to care for your own health and take a break when necessary.


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