I Got a Medal in a Half-Marathon!

I want to be clear right up front – it was a “finisher medal”.

I was nowhere near the front of the pack. In fact, there were probably only about 3 people to finish after me. I’ve never been an athlete and played on few actual teams but I’ve realized the importance of physical exercise, so I run.

I’m the typical pastor, who sits at his desk working on a sermon, sits at the table for a board meeting, sits in the coffee shop having coffee with a member of the congregation or sits at the table enjoying a meal with friends. My life is taken up with a lot of sitting and eating. Not that I mind the eating part, it’s kind of like my hobby. All that sitting and eating doesn’t do much for my physical condition.

A few years ago I realized that I needed to do something for physical exercise. Since I’m not good enough to play on a team of any kind, I decided to try running. I had never run in my life, but I was amazed that I could actually push myself and begin to run just a little farther and then farther. I even began to enjoy getting out on the road for a run! I couldn’t believe it. It was fun!

I finally got brave enough to join a few other guys who were running at 6:00 am three mornings a week. I began to run races. I ran a few 10k races. I even did two Half-Marathons! And then I moved to a new church in a new town with no running buddies.

Now I don’t have the accountability of friends waiting for me to show up each morning so I thought I should sign up for one race a month. February’s race was a 21K run. Training in the winter with snow storms and cold weather limited my running as I do all my running outside, but I did finish the 21K!!

Why do I run? Because it is good for me physically as well as mentally. When you are thinking about church stuff all the time it’s hard to move your mind away from it. Running helps me do that. All the fresh air first thing in the morning is great too. For me it’s not about speed but about the exercise and the ability to say that I did it! And where I run, I can see the Rocky Mountains not too far away. What a great view!

I would encourage you, do something physical regularly. If you don’t know what, try running!


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