Celebrate the Small Wins!

I like to dream big.

I’m always looking ahead. When we put an event on as a church I’m always hoping for a big turn out.

We just had a Family Day Celebration last Sunday at our church. We had a Pancake Breakfast and a craft for the kids. Then during the service we sang a few songs and then played Family Feud – at least our version of it. When we sent the children out for their Children’s Church time I preached on “Why God Made Families”.

My wife and I invited alot of people. Others in the congregation did as well. Lynnette invited her whole Moms and Tots crew. I had kind of planned for 120, Lynnette was hoping for 140. We ended up with 95 people in the service and 8 that came for breakfast and then left. We had just over 100 people!!! That’s great for our church as we have been averaging around 65 people!

The tendency is to look at where we were dreaming and think we came up short. I think we need to look at where we have been and where we were. We had an increase of 50% -isn’t that exciting??

And of those there were at least 8 or 9 who had never been there before. We had about 10 or so that were there for the second time. We had another bunch that have shown up only occasionally, but they were there.

And we had the opportunity of connecting with all of these people. They got to meet some of us. They got to see what our church is like. They had a great breakfast and a fun service …AND they heard about Jesus. They heard about why God made families.

We need to celebrate our people inviting friends and family to come. We need to celebrate that they came. We need to celebrate that they got to meet the church and even see how the church worked together to put the celebration on. We need to celebrate that those who came heard about Jesus!

That’s worth celebrating. Celebrate the small wins. They’re probably bigger than you think.


4 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Wins!

  1. That was a great summary! Great observations!
    And yes, you have reasons to celebrate. I’ll say it again: I was impressed with the co-operation after the service. Many worked together without being asked: cleaning, removing the tables, and rearranging chairs, etc. That IS a reason to celebrate, as well as a wonderful example of the church working together as a family. No wonder you ENJOY being a small town pastor.

  2. Regarding numbers… there is a very proven system regarding invitations (for anything).

    Invite 10 people to an event and:
    – 5 people will respond favorably
    – 2 will confirm
    – 1 will show up

    So if you want to guarantee 10 new people at an event you need to invite 100 people personally… over and over again.

    Good luck!

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