Another Great Job By Our Little Church!

Our church, which averages about 65 people on Sunday, just put on an Easter Eggstravaganza outreach event for our community at our Community Hall. 250 people attended!!

This is the fourth Easter Eggstravaganza we’ve done. I have been pastor here just short of 4 years, and I have been regularly encouraging people to invite others to our special events. Obviously some of them did. I have been encouraging our people to Invest and Invite. Invest their time in getting to know their neighbors and coworkers. Invest time in being involved in community clubs and boards. Pray for the people they are investing their time in, and then to Invite them to church. We put on about 4 Big Events each year and encourage our people to use those as time to invite family and friends. And many of them did.

We put on a pancake and sausage breakfast at 9:30. During this time people could try their luck at guessing how many jelly beans in a jar as well as take in a free photo shoot. Pictures will be mailed out to them shortly. Our Easter Service began at 10:30 with Easter scripture readings, songs, and a sermon on the Hope of Easter. At 11:30 we had an Easter Egg Hunt at the neighboring school playground.

What really impressed me was that we had 5 people work with me on an Outreach Committee planning the event. We had about 30 people show up at our Pizza, Prayer, and Prep night on the Saturday evening as we ate, prayed, and prepared by setting everything up. On Sunday, after I joined families outside at the Egg Hunt, I headed back to the Hall expecting to begin clean up. But as I walked into the Hall, final sweeping was taking place. It was all cleaned up!!

After all that work, we had 250 people attend, some from out of town joining their families, but many were community people. And…2 people indicated that they “surrendered their life to Jesus” as we prayed after the sermon!

Our church does a great job working on these events. It’s becoming more and more part of who we are! And as a result, at least 2 people made a significant decision regarding Jesus!!


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