My Sunday Surprise!

I was totally clueless when I walked into church on Sunday. I assumed it was another Sunday like most. Boy was I wrong!

Lynnette, my wife, had worked with the Elders to plan a celebration of 20 years in ministry! 20 years ago Lynnette and I moved to Edmonton where I became the Associate Pastor for Youth at Millbourne Alliance Church. Since then I have served in Valleyview Alliance Church, Provost Community Church, and Bow River Alliance Church. Lynnette had contacted people from each church. We had friends show up from 2 of the 3 previous churches we served in. And I had no idea. Even my Mom and Dad showed up! There were even community people present.

One of the elders just came up before the service and took the Order of Service from me and said he had a different one. He didn’t even tell me why. I had to guess and it wasn’t confirmed until he began the service. He gave opportunity for people to give tributes. I think we should have one of these events more often than every 20 years or so. It was really nice. Many people said some very kind words. The elders gave me a letter indicating that they were adding one week of holidays commencing 2011!

I have a Coke collection. Lynnette had sent out an invitation to everyone and asked them to bring a can of coke. There was a table full of coke by the time everyone arrived. The elder even had to make some comment about me being a Coke addict and “no we are not worshiping at the alter of Coke”. After the service we even had a potluck lunch. It was a great event.

I can hardly believe no one let out the secret. It was a great day!


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