Halloween -To Be Avoided or Embraced?

Halloween makes me sick, and I don’t mean from too much candy. Just the other day I was taking my dog Buddy for a walk around the block and was again reminded why I don’t like Halloween.

Dressing up like a princess or a pumpkin is fine. Even teaching your children to beg for candy can be seen as a fun thing to do one night a year. But so many of the decorations and costumes have to do with death and ghosts and are intended to scare people. How does that fit with being a Christian?

On my walk with Buddy I suddenly realized that Halloween is a direct opposite of Easter. Halloween is all about death and fear and evil spirits. Easter, on the other hand, is all about life and joy and hope. So what do I do about Halloween?

I never grew up with trick or treating or celebrating Halloween. My family never handed out candy – instead we put up a note saying: “no candy here”. As I got married and started my own family, I kept up the “no candy” tradition and down played Halloween for my family.

Here in Carseland, the community gives people the option of donating towards a community party and receiving signs that tell trick or treaters that you already gave at the hall. I like that option because I can show support for the community without being directly involved in the Halloween celebration.

But then I realize that if I was out and around town during the trick or treating I would have opportunity to talk with a lot of community people. My friend tells me it is one of the best times for him to connect with community people. I hate Halloween. Yet I want to connect with people. Maybe I should see it as an opportunity to use to connect with the community.

I would love to hear your comments. What do you do for Halloween?


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