The Philanthropist & The Salesman

*Jim was on a safari in centralAfricawhen he came upon a remote desert village. In his interaction with the local people he quickly realized that they had no water. They had to travel many miles to a distant village which had a well.

He couldn’t help but realize that he could make a difference. He went back to the capital city and searched for the best well drilling company he could find. He then arranged for them to come out to this village and put in a well. He paid for the whole thing. In short order, the well was drilled, a pump put in place, and the water began flowing! Now the village had water, right there.

*Frank lived near a race track in the mid West. Many evenings he could sit out on his deck and hear the roar of the cars and the crowd. Having an entrepreneur mindset, he thought about all those people. He thought about the bottling company he owned. A light bulb want on in his head. What if he arranged for his company to provide water for the concession stands? Just think how much money he could make.

Frank worked quickly, contacted the appropriate people, and was soon the first bottled water supplier for the concessions at the racetrack. And as the thirsty race fans bought up his water, he began making more money than he had even thought was possible.



Which one do you and your church connect with when you think of how you handle the message of Jesus?

We have the “water of life”, but often we say, “we’ll give you this water as long as we benefit from it. You need to come to our church and attend our programs and give us your money.”

What if we were thinking more like Jim?

What if we were more concerned about getting the message of Jesus out to people than we were about how we would benefit?

When we connect with people in our communities, what is our first thought? Are we thinking of how we can get them to church so we have bigger numbers? Or are we thinking of how we can “love them to Jesus”?

I want to be more like Jim but I often operate more like Frank.

While we do want people to come to attend our church and benefit from our programs, that should never be our primary goal. Our first goal should be to show them Jesus!

People are thirsty. Are we giving them water?



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