People Actually Want to Help!

At my regular Lions meeting a fellow Lion brought a request for funds from a family with a child suffering from a rare medical disease. I mentioned it to my wife Lynnette. She wondered if we could do more, on top of the help the Lions were offering. She mentioned it to our Care Group and ideas started flowing about how to do a community fundraiser for this little girl.

Danielle has Kleefstra Syndrome. This is a rare disease. Supposedly there are only about 110 known cases in the world. That means her help is very specialized. On top of that, she has now also been diagnosed with a life-threatening bowel condition. The dad is self employed and has not had a whole lot of work recently. They are trying to get to Houston for a consult with a specific doctor. They also need help with ongoing medical issues.

This family does not attend our church, but Lynnette knows them from having helped as an aid at school. Lynnette met with the mom and explained our group’s desire to help. They were overwhelmed with the desire for people to help and wanted to use the opportunity to help people get to know what Kleefstra Syndrome is all about.

Here’s what Lynnette’s enthusiasm and our Care Group’s ideas have mushroomed to. We are now planning a Burger Fundraiser at the Community Hall. The Ag Society was approached and has agreed to give the hall and pop for free. The Lions were asked if they would like to purchase the burgers and buns and barbecue them. They agreed. The firemen have agreed to bring their firetruck and mascot. A local photographer has agreed to come and take pictures for a loonie each that will go to Danielle’s family. A community member built a little train from a lawn tractor and rain barrels. He is willing to bring it and we’ll charge a loonie a ride. A local coffee shop agreed to donate ice cream that will be sold at a loonie a scoop. Someone was approached about bring their horses for a hayride. Their hayride is already booked that weekend but they offered to donate a $500 Bed and Breakfast coupon for a raffle or auction. The PB Club and Jetsetters Club ladies have agreed to bring baking for a bake sale.  A local massage therapist is willing to donate a massage to the mom. A businessman is donating an Ipad which would greatly benefit Danielle’s education. Other local companies are asking if they can help. Individuals are asking how they can help.

That’s one HUGE benefit of rural life. When people see a need they get behind it.

And through Lynnette and our Care Group, we are connecting with our community in a very real way!


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