Never be Satisfied with Average

I just had a conversation with my Elders Board about my dissatisfaction with the fact that we have less than 10% of our community in our church. And there was a comment made about how we should be happy that we have as many people in church from our small town. We’re doing pretty good. And even in other communities, there probably aren’t much more than 10% of their population in church either.

We are the only church in our small town, though some may drive out of town to attend elsewhere. But even if we have 10% and another 10% drive out of town, that leaves 80% of the people in my community who are still going to hell! Why would I be happy about that?

This conversation came up because, after me being here for five years, I’ve asked our Elders Board to work on refining and clarifying our purpose and vision. I want to us to prayerfully consider if we need to change things to do a better job than we are doing in reaching people for Christ.

We have a good church. We have many who work hard. But we also have some who have wandered away. Do we need to find ways to help people hold onto their faith? We have some of our congregation who are very much involved with their community and their neighbors, but others aren’t. We have some who seem to rarely connect with those who don’t know Jesus yet. But are we a church that is excellent in the eyes of Jesus?

Jesus wept over the lost. He wants none to perish. And yes, the Holy Spirit is the one who draws people to God, but I would hate for us to be lazy or not even try to win more people to Jesus. We too need to ask God for that love and passion for the lost. We need to recognize that without Jesus they are headed to hell. They are not headed to “oblivion” as a book I just skimmed was saying. Those who have not surrendered their lives to Jesus are headed to hell – eternal torment. Am I really concerned about my neighbors?

We need to remind ourselves regularly that we are on a mission with Jesus. We are not just running a nice club for friendly people.

Let’s not be satisfied with being average. Let’s pursue excellence in our hunger to win souls to Jesus.


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