Friendly Competition and Great Chili!

We just recently had our second annual Open House and Chili Cook -Off Sunday. We use this Sunday to kick off our Fall programming. We try to have our leaders and workers figured out so we can announce who is leading what. We invite people to sign up for our Care Groups on this Sunday as well. This is the second year we have invited people to bring a pot of chili to share and then we vote on which one is the best. Both years we have had people bring a chili who have not been part of our church. They just liked the idea of the cook – off.

We put up posters around town and print off invitations for people to use in inviting their friends and family to join us. It was a great morning! We had about 15 chilis entered. And, incredibly, we had the same person win this year as last. A two time winner.

Our average Sunday attendance is usually around 60 people right now. We had 86 people out for this Sunday. And a few of the people I invited came out, one person for the first time ever! It’s amazing how sometimes adding a little “spice” can give an opportunity to invite people and for people to come.


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