We Are Not Looking for Experts

In the smaller church, we are more about family.

One way this is seen is in who we let do what. We let people who stumble over words read scripture. We let people sing on the worship team who can’t tell if they aren’t in tune. Sometimes we just turn their mic down a little. We let musicians play who are just learning their instrument. There is patience shown as we allow people to learn and develop “on the job” as it were.

As the church gets bigger, everybody has to get better. My daughter played tenor sax in High School band. She was pretty good. She was good enough to be in the Alberta High School Honor Band. This meant she was one of the best tenor sax players in the province, because she had to audition to get into this Honor Band. We loved having her play in church.

And then she moved to the city and started attending a larger church. She noticed that they were including other instruments in the worship team so she asked if she could play her sax. She was told she would have to come to an audition, and there she was told she wasn’t good enough. She should take some lessons before she tried again!

As a small church family, we celebrate when someone tries their best. It’s not always perfect, but as long as people are doing their best we will give them a lot of opportunity before we will say no to their involvement. This still doesn’t mean we allow people to do things they are no good at, but we are more willing to include people who are not experts.

It would be interesting to see how many larger churches benefit from the experience and training their musicians got at their small home church.

We aren’t looking for experts. We just want people to do their best.


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