Creative Prayer Reminders and Ideas

Prayer actually changes things. We believe that but many of us have a hard time remembering to faithfully pray for certain things. And sometimes it helps to have a few creative ideas on how to pray.

I like to challenge our congregation to pray for their unsaved family and friends and neighbors. I’ve borrowed some ideas from others. You may already have seen these and may be using these.

Invest and Invite

One of these prayer ideas is to use an “Invest and Invite” card. This card invites the church to write down the names of 3 people they will invest time with regularly, pray for often, and whom they will invite to church. I usually present these about 3-4 weeks before one of our creative events geared to connect with our unsaved friends.

Top Ten

A second idea invites a bigger and long term commitment. This is to make a Top Ten list. This is a challenge to come up with 10 people whom you regularly already have a natural connection with who do not yet know Jesus. And then to make a commitment to pray for them daily. This list includes family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, people you sit on committees with or are team mates with, class mates, and anyone else you already – or with little extra work – already connect with regularly. All of this with the hope of introducing them to Jesus some day.

String Reminder

I like to use creative ideas to remind people to pray. Some of you have probably used the “string reminder” where you hand out a piece of string people can put in their Bible or tie around their finger or the steering wheel of your car so you can pray as you regularly see it.

Take a “Moment-o” to Pray

This past week we were planning for the Family Day Weekend. We were planning a Family Day Celebration with a waffle breakfast and some family games before our service.  The Sunday before, I handed out small pack of six Mentos. I asked people to take a “moment-o” to pray. Every time they ate a candy they could pray for the event and for those who were being invited to attend.

We say we believe in prayer. Then let’s find ways to pray often. And let’s find creative ways to remind people to pray for their unsaved family and friends.


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