You Don’t Need To Do Much To Get Noticed

DSCN3420In a small town, even the little things get noticed.

This can, of course, go both ways. They notice the things that they don’t like. They notice the things that they approve of.

People notice if you shovel the walk around the church. They notice if you don’t seem to care about the looks of your building. They notice if you show up at community events or stay home. They notice when you take an interest by being on a community committee or sports leadership team.

Our church just recently was given a plaque by the local Carseland & District Community Association & Agricultural Society in recognition of our part we played this past year in helping to improve and beautify our community. This is an award handed out by this club each year in hopes of beautifying Carseland.

We received this award because we did a bit of landscaping in front of our church. We had a brick border put in. We filled it in with some wood chips, and added a couple of trees and plants. That’s all we did! It was a small project, but it got noticed and even recognized at the Annual Community Fundraising Dinner where the plaque was awarded.

What are things you have done as a church that got noticed by your community?


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