I Didn’t Know They Still Did Church

So I’m walking to the church this morning. It happens to be at the same time as the neighborhood kids heading to school. I end up walking behind two girls – one on a bike, the other carrying two backpacks. I make some comment about why she is carrying two backpacks and she explains the other girl can’t carry it very well on her bike. And then the girl on the bike asks if I’m going to the school today too? I respond that I’m going to the church. She looks at me as she is coasting along on her bike and innocently says, “I didn’t know they still did church.”abandoned-church

What a question! Not something one who lives and breathes “the church” really likes to hear. Sure she was only around 8 years old. And if mom and dad don’t go to church, I’m sure it hasn’t come up in conversation at home.

But, yes! We still do church!

“Out of the mouths of babes” – isn’t that what they say? She voiced what the general population of Carseland, or Alberta, or Canada, seems to think.

The Church has lost its place in the community and we need to work hard to reintroduce “the church” – more than that – Jesus – into our world again and again. Are we “being the church” and being the light of Jesus so the church isn’t being pushed to the background in the community we live in?

Yes, we still do church!!!!


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