Which Hat Do I Put On Now?

We all wear all kinds of hats. The cowboy has his hat. The farmer wears a ball cap farmer hatpromoting a certain tractor or herbicide. A hockey player wears a helmet. The snowboarder has his toque.

And we function in many different roles. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a neighbor. I’m a pastor. I’m a community board member. I’m a Lion in the Lion’s Club. I’m a friend. I’m a colleague. The average man or woman is all kinds of things at different times of the day or week.

But do we ever put on a “Christian” hat? Now I’m a Christian. Or is that the right way of thinking? I think too many of us see our “being a Christian” as a hat we wear at certain times. We don’t wear that hat to work or to play ball with the boys. We don’t wear that hat when we are “the husband”.

We act a certain way and speak  a certain language depending on what hat we wear. “Daddy” may speak baby language at home with the little one, technical language at work, and crude words when “one of the boys”.

And we have built a life that separates all the different roles into distinct worlds that do not cross over. It makes me think of a Seinfeld program from years ago where George doesn’t want to introduce his girlfriend to his friends because it’s “like two worlds colliding”. He doesn’t want one world to wreck the other world, so its easier to keep them separate.

So should we wear a Christian hat? And when we wear that hat we speak “christianese” and talk about prayer and Jesus and church – but we don’t let that world collide with the others?

I don’t think so. I think we should be like the sweat stain that a well worn hat gets. Whatever hat we may be wearing, our life as a Christian should be so “soaked in” that our life with Jesus is part of every role that we find ourselves in. farmer hat sweatyAt work we may wear our tough guy hard hat, but Jesus should be guiding our words and actions. In the neighborhood community association meeting we may be trying to wear a different hat, but again, Jesus should be in our interactions with everyone around us.

Christianity isn’t another hat to add to the collection but should be a part of our life, no matter what hat we wear. I wonder if we really understand that?


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