Livin’ Large at Lake Louise!

Chateau-Lake-LouiseI can’t afford to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise. Not on my small church salary.

But here’s the view from my window!! I stayed there just last week!

My denomination holds an annual DSCN7219Pastor’s Retreat for all its 600 plus pastors and spouses. Our group is large enough that we need a big hotel and meeting space. The Chateau Lake Louise provides that!

The expectation is that our church will cover the cost of our 3 days at this retreat. What a treat!!! I couldn’t afford to stay there if I was paying, and neither could many in my congregation. What an incredible privilege!

But I have to say that the sessions and the worship were probably on par with God’s beautiful creation. The Holy Spirit was definitely present. It was a great time of truly letting go everything else and focusing on our Lord Jesus!

We are a very privileged pastor couple!!Lynnette and Andy


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