You Know You Are in a Small Town When …again

Every once in a while I’m reminded that there are some unique quirks to living in a small imagestown. I just had another one.

A man came to the church office. He knocked on the door. I went to open it, and he pointed across the street and down the road a bit to a certain store. “I’m just wondering if you know where I might find the owner of that place?” You might wonder why he is asking me. “I just figured if you wanted to know something in a typical small town, just ask the pastor.”

The funny thing is, I do know quite a bit about certain people in town. So I know where that store owner lives, but I thought if she is not around and not answering her cell phone she is most likely not at home. I also know she has a number of kids. And I know that her older two come home on the bus and are dropped off just down the block from the church. So I suggested to this man to just wait a few minutes and see if she is around once the older kids come home.

We saw some men and two pickups at the store. I told the man to go check with them. I knew that the one was the owner of the building, he might know where the lady is.

The man mentioned that he had just passed a bad accident up the road. I suggested that maybe the owner was at the scene because I knew she was on the Fire Department. But he assured me there were no Fire trucks there. Just police.

Small town pastors know a lot about people in the community. That’s part of the fun of being in a small community.


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