Come to the Table

I was overwhelmed as I saw them come forward. They weren’t coming forward because of me. They weren’t coming forward to meet with the elders who were serving communion at the front of the sanctuary. As I sat to the side, watching our congregation – our church family come forward to receive the bread and the juice, I started tearing up.

Recieving Communion #2Usually I hand the trays off to our elders who them serve people by passing the trays of bread and juice down the aisles. While they are doing this, I usually sit down. I don’t see the congregation as they receive communion. I don’t see any emotions from them. But this time I had a view from the side as they came up

I watched them come and thought about what I know about that person and that person. I know one who came forward for communion who keeps telling me he doesn’t really believe all that stuff about Jesus. One older gentleman came up and as he received the communion elements, he winked at the elder serving him. And I thought of the pain he goes through every day. I watched as one of the young pregnant moms came forward. She came up to be served by her husband. What a privilege to serve communion to your wife. As one older lady came up I thought about her. Her husband has not attended church with her for many years. Not too long ago he was supposed to die from cancer, but he’s still hanging on.

As they came I thought about how Jesus welcomes all of us. We have doubts about Jesus and whether God is still answering prayer, but we are welcome at Jesus’ table. We have difficulties in our life that we struggle with every day, but we are welcome at Jesus’ table. Jesus says to the one struggling with pain and health issues – come. Jesus says to the one dealing with conflict – come

And he says to me – come! Wow!

Come to receive forgiveness. Come to be reminded of your salvation Jesus purchased for you. Come and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you again.

Come to the table.


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