Technology! What a Pain!

I have been in a frustrating place for the last month. My computer wouldn’t work. I took it in for repairs. $150 and 5 days later I get it back only to have the same problem – it wouldn’t start. Finally I decided to get a new laptop. After 3 trips into the city I finally have my laptop back in my office. And then it won’t go online, the wireless won’t work. I get some online help. I get some “techy” guys in my office to help. Then I can finally receive emails, but it blocks all outgoing emails. Dell_Studio_1555_IMG_6023_1500pxFinally, again after having at least two “techy” guys look at it I can finally send emails too. But there is still one more problem – I can’t print. It tells me it is seeing my printer, but nothing is communicating. Again, with some “techy” help and some time later, it still doesn’t work.

It’s amazing how much I – we – depend on our computers and phones. I had to work on my wife’s computer, I had to use my secretary’s computer, and tried to hobble along. All my calendar is on my computer so I missed an important conference call. I had a hard time getting a sermon printed. And then when the new computer comes with a newer program, I have to learn all that as I’m trying to catch up.

I was very frustrated for the first while. I was mad! I couldn’t understand and was wondering what God wanted me to learn? After a while I was able to relax a bit and just put it in God’s hands since I couldn’t do anything about it.

Technology allows us to do so many things. My computer gives me opportunity to write a blog like this, to connect with people on facebook, to email my elders, to catch up with people, to write my sermon. It’s awesome! I was just in the Copper Canyon in Mexico, and my friend was on facebook with his ipad in the middle of this canyon, miles from “civilization”!! But it’s amazing how it can frustrate us when it doesn’t work.

God, thank you for my computer. And thank you for this reminder that everything is in your hands and in your timing!


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