Introducing Andy

Hi, my name is Andy Wiebe. I’ve been a pastor of a small church in a small town since 1996. I’m presently in my third small church. Bow River Alliance Church is in Carseland, Alberta, Canada. The church has an average attendance of 65 in a town of 650.

I enjoy the slower life of a small town and the opportunity to lead a small group of people whom I know. I also enjoy the opportunity to get to know so many people in town personally by getting involved in community activities. The fishbowl experience can be daunting at times, yet the personal touch with your own community can be rewarding.

I want to share some of what I’ve learned and am learning through my experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment on my thoughts. I’d love to start a conversation and we can encourage each other and share ideas. Or, if you prefer email you can connect with me at

4 thoughts on “Introducing Andy

  1. Andy, Hi I am Ron Wurtz from Lamont Alliance. I was at Fort Sask Alliance for 6 years then came here to be a solo guy 3 years ago.I have to say I do miss the multi-staff situation.My church will be hosting a meeting here Nov 23rd, I am looking forward to that.

  2. Hey Andy,
    Just introducing myself as a fellow small town pastor who, after 17 years left full-time ministry to write, teach, and speak on discipleship in the small town church. Feel free to check out If there’s anything that helps – praise God.

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