Read Scripture Together!

I have had a great experience the last few weeks meeting with a newcomer to our church to read the Bible together.

He is a self-proclaimed spiritual person who believes in God but not quite sure about Jesus. He came to me about some advice. We ended up going to the Bible – hopefully no surprise there. In our conversation we talked about how to make decisions. What do we base our decisions on? What is our measuring stick on choices we make?

If we claim to want to do the things that God wants, then God and His Word, the Bible, should be our measuring stick. We should make our decisions based on what God says. And how do you know what God is saying unless you read the Bible? Another young lady said she lived by the Ten Commandments. When I asked her if she knew what they were, I could tell she really wasn’t sure. How can we know whether we are making decisions that honor God unless we actually read what He says?open_bible-e1339591027530

So I’m meeting with this man every week. He reads a number of chapters and we take an hour to skim through and discuss his questions and comments. I’m really enjoying this. We are becoming friends. And I’m learning things too as I see them through his eyes! And I’m praying that he will come to a clear faith in Jesus Christ.

Maybe one way you can reach out to a friend is to read the Bible together. Let me know how it goes for you.