What a Great Community!

We hosted our annual Easter Eggstravaganza again this past weekend. This is always a great celebration as we invite the community to join our church at the community hall for an Easter celebration. We have breakfast together, then we have our Easter Service, followed by an Egg Hunt. This is more like a candy and chocolate hunt.

This year was another reminder that our community loves to support good things, especially if it is something that will benefit children. Our community association allows us the use of the hall at no cost! That is a huge help. Our congregation works hard to plan and put on the event. And many people who are not part of our church and don’t even attend the event donate candy and chocolate for the Egg Hunt! People donate money. They drop off bags of candy at the church. They deliver it to our house. Some even come with it on Sunday morning. It was a great event for the 120 people who attended, about half of who were children!

I have lived in the city. I can tell you it would be rare to have this kind of support for a community event put on by a church. This is one small example of community support among many I can think of in the years I have lived in Carseland. No, we don’t know everyone. No, we don’t even benefit from some of the things we contribute to. But we are a community that supports each other and supports good things.

What a great community!

Do We Sentimentalize or Romanticize Easter So Much We Forget It’s True Meaning?

empty tombI like Easter! I like the nice sunny spring weather that usually accompanies it. I like the annual Easter Eggstravaganza our church puts on. It’s great having the community breakfast and Easter Service. And I love seeing all the children spread across the playground looking for Easter candy.

But are we making light of the true story of Easter?

Some people have sunrise services. It’s nice. The songs are familiar. It feels good. I just heard one guy, who lives near the coast, talking about how much fun it would be to get up early and takes some boats and kayaks out on the water a ways and then look back as the sun rises. He talked about bringing out a boom box to play a certain Easter song that talks about rising again. I wonder if he remembers that Easter is about the resurrection? Not just a beautiful sunrise?

And I think of our Easter service. We do have fun, but we work hard to make sure the story of Easter truly comes out. I wonder if people hear it?

But if we understand the true story of Easter, shouldn’t we be moving beyond the romantic or sentimental aspects that really have nothing to do with Easter but only have to do with us feeling nice about something because of past memories associated with them?

We should celebrate. But the focus should be on the great gift of eternal life that is tied to Jesus resurrection. It shouldn’t be about feeling all “nice” inside, should it?

I fear that we are trivializing the resurrection when we get caught up on sentimental or romantic celebrations.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m too old fashioned?