Are We Ready for Harvest?

As part of my role in the Rural Church Pastors Network I was in Rosetown, Saskatchewan last week. What caught my eye was this perfectly lined up row – long row – of John Deere DSCN5527combines along one side of the highway. And there were more on the other side! These guys are ready for harvest.

The funny thing is – the farmers hadn’t even finished seeding yet. As I passed many open fields, I could tell that some were still too wet to seed. In others I passed farmers in their machinery just putting the seed in.

Seeding isn’t even done and they are ready for harvest!

Are we ready? I think that often in a small church and small community we get so used to not having people come to Christ regularly that we don’t really expect it at all. We do a good job of “feeding the saints” and keeping them busy. We may even do a number of good community events to connect with family and friends who don’t yet know Jesus, but do we really expect them to come to Christ?

Are we ready for the harvest? Do we even know what we would do if we had 2 or 3 individuals come to Christ? Would we know how to connect them to the Bible? Would we have a Bible we could give them? Would we have a small group or Sunday School class they could join in? Would we have people ready to come alongside of them? Do we have a class prepared we could teach them on Baptism and the basics of the faith? Do we have an online Bible Study we could walk them through? Would we have someone ready who could answer their questions? Would our church be seen as a safe place for their children? Would we know how to introduce them to members of the church? Or would we expect them to just somehow fit in?

The John Deere dealers are ready for the Harvest. I hope that your church is too.